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We can tailor the dress to your specific measurements

Our bridal room is overflowing with stunning dresses that we design and make here ourselves. You won't have to settle for a pre-made size since we can tailor the dress to your specific measurements without any additional alteration fees.


We take pride in creating one of a kind dresses, and our prices already include custom fitting. When you visit us, we'll ensure you leave with a dress that not only looks beautiful but fits like a glove.


What do we mean by 'Custom'?

Our rails are jammed with beautiful dresses designed & made here in our studio by us! Those dresses can be made as they are on the hanger for you, we make them to your measurements. No buying a standard ‘size’ & then paying for alterations. We make to your measurements & those costs are included in our dress prices. 

We are so proud to be able to offer our brides the chance to create their dream dress from our many designs! We often find as we go through your bridal appointments that many brides finish with loving two dresses or elements from a few. We will work with you to make the dress you Desire, be it Skye with the Willa back & Jagger sleeve! Therefore creating a custom, one of a kind design specially for you. 

We never use other designs as inspiration all custom designs come from our story of my dress collections!

Our dresses are priced as they are and we then factor in any design or fabric changes. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact custom cost, however we have found that the dresses often come between £1795 & £2200. Often many falling around the £1995 mark. 

We work really hard to source beautiful & sustainable fabrics that keep our brides dresses under the £2000 mark. We can of course make in silks, however the price would increase considerable. 

Custom option comes from blending the designs we have on our rail. If you love our custom option you can book a bridal appointment as normal, come and have fun trying dresses and then we can discuss your design and once confirmed we can sketch for you. 

You’ll then come for a measurements appointment 6 months before your wedding & you’ll see your dress made up for a first fitting roughly 2 months before. Generally we only need one fitting and then you will collect a couple of weeks before the wedding!


It’s a gorgeous journey with us, we love creating happy, unique brides who leave with the dress exactly as they wanted it!


Selection of our custom SOMD brides

Flower Girls and Bridesmaids

Our bridal studio is capable of creating miniature renditions of our beloved dresses, specifically designed for your flower girls and bridesmaids. We've crafted adorable mini versions in both white and black, including the popular Shoreditch dresses. 

Prices from £140.

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