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Story of My Dress has grown from myself & Gill who I met 18 years ago, to bringing in more talented, strong women. Including my sister and my best friend of 25 years, both who have helped grow this business & support me the whole way.

We now have our completed team with our crazy clever graduates who are now making our dresses alongside Gill! Literally the dream team of inspiring ladies.

We asked some of our team and designers a couple of q's about their own inspirations, here is what they had to say-

What inspires you?

Cara (Founder) - "I am inspired by all the amazing women around me & the new women I meet! I absolutely love hearing their stories & I do everything to make their journey the best with us!"

Sammy (Stylist / Stock Manager) - "To be the best person I can be, to always give my everything into whatever I do. To always be kind and to also give the best version of myself to everyone around me."

Ashleigh (Studio Assistant / Stylist) - "The quote to “dream big” and to be the best version of me."

Emily (Marketing & PR) - "Wow, now that is a big question! So much inspires me including my beautiful friends & family who keep me grounded, nature, happiness and love. My grandparents always said 'love is all you need' so I have surrounded myself with people who love me for who I am and I feel incredibly grateful for that."

Angel (& For Love) - "Honestly- just about anything can inspire me! A painting or a piece of music, a beautiful sculpture or a walk on the beach… I’m not limited from where I can find inspiration- it’s all around."

Who inspires you?

Cara - "The special ladies closest to me, they drive me forward and fill me with confidence & love including the ladies I work with. My little girls especially who are fierce, sassy & so kind without a care in the world. I want to be like them!!!"

Sammy - "I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some awesome and amazingly strong women. Whether that’s my family, friends or the ladies I work with. They inspire me."

Ashleigh - "I always aim to make my grandparents proud, my Nanny loved sewing and my Grandad is an artist!"

Emily - "All of my creativeness comes from days spent at my Grandparents with a paintbrush or modelling clay in my hand. They instilled in me that the world truly was my oyster and never to be shy of hard work to get me to where I want to be!"

Angel - "Women. We’re so strong, we can birth children and run a company and a household all simultaneously"

Tell us something about you!

Cara - "I love to travel, long lunches in the sun, somewhere new with wine & my family is my absolute favourite thing to do when I’m not here designing dresses & meeting new brides!"

Sammy -"One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor 🤣! Also, I can sing karaoke better than my sister 😜"

Ashleigh - "I have worked in bridal for over 5 years and my final collection at university was inspired by my Grandparents Wedding"​

Emily - "I met Cara when we were just 11 years old, she came to sit next to me on our first day at Secondary School. I was a very shy girl and Cara took me under her wing, grew my confidence and we have been besties ever since! We have been through some of the worst and best times. Cara has the kindest soul and continues to stand by my side."

Angel - "I am currently learning how to snowboard! It’s hard but I’m loving a new physical challenge."

To all the amazing women who support SOMD and come on this crazy journey with us, we can't thank you enough. You are simply awesome!

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