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Updated: Jan 25

I'm obsessed! Another amazing Designer is landing on our rails.

Sisters Ashley and Brittany Castaños began drafting up ‘Daughters Of Simone’ 10 years ago with a passion to shake up the linear order that was then the wedding industry. The brand’s name had to follow this conviction and so was inspired by the visionary ‘Simone de Beauvoir’, a woman who did her own thing and went her own way during a time when women’s futures were rigidly predetermined. Simone is the backbone of Daughters Of Simone and the brand fuses her spirit into everything they do.

For all the boho-loving brides, these dresses are perfect and land on our rails permanently in JULY - Hollis with light sand lining, Stevie, Jules, Ren, Ave, Yves & Kellen.

Book your appointment here to try our stocked Daughters of Simone wedding dresses.

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