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Custom Wedding Dress Designs

Updated: Apr 12


Story of My Dress started with a collection of our own designs alongside a selection of incredible designers.  However, we realised that over the last couple of years, we really have only been making SOMD designs or custom versions of them as our brides truly love being individual. They walk away with a dress that they have had made to their measurements and exact design requirements. Having realised this last year we decided to go fully STORY OF MY DRESS DESIGNS with the emphasis on also creating custom pieces off of them.

What does custom mean?

A custom wedding dress made for you here means choosing one of our designs on the rail and tweaking it to suit your individual style. 

How do I create my custom wedding dress?

You visit our bridal room for your bridal trying on appointment and from one of our already existing designs you make changes. That can be blending two or more of our dresses, or it can be from changing out the fabrics to something different, or as simple as changing the neckline. It really is that easy and you are able to envision as you have many options to try here, its just a case of adding or changing to something else. We have a huge amount of bridal separates to help you mix and match to create a custom dress easily too. Lots of brides do it this way.

How can I be sure I will like my custom wedding dress?

You will easily be able to try many other designs on that have the changes you are looking for, or we will sketch the design for you before you confirm.

How many appointments will I have?

Your first appointment will be for trying and if you are make a simple change you will only need that, if you are blending dresses or need a sketch you are welcome to come back for a second fitting to decide. Of course this can be done over email if you are confident after seeing the sketch.

Can you make me a custom dress you do not have on the rail or copy another designer I have seen?

We have never and will never copy another designers work, its been done to us and its devastating so we would never go down that route.  You may come to us with an idea and images of details you like and you can explain what’s in your head. We will sketch for you and in this instance you will need a toile made before your real dress is created. That means us creating a pattern, making a cotton mock up of the dress to check with you in a fitting and then when were all happy with the bespoke wedding dress design we go ahead and start making your actual dress.

How much is your custom? 

There are a few different costing options involved it starts with the cost of the dress you are changing and making custom… 

An example… Romy is £1850 as she is.

  1. If you change the sleeve to a long straight sleeve instead, we add £50 for the pattern change. 

  2. If you want a different back so you can wear a bra we add £50/100

  3. If you want the whole dress in the feather fabric add £400. 

  4. If you want a Romy with no sleeves but a split in the skirt £1950 as two pattern changes were made to that dress design.

romy low back wedding dress

Romy - Photography by The White Studios

We try to be very fair with our prices and how we calculate custom options. (*the costs are at our discretion and calculated by the time/fabric changes/ involved).

**If we are creating a dress for you, fully custom/bespoke with sketches and toile and not something we have on our rail…From £2000-£3000 depending on the fabrics used. If it’s a mini or midi dress that would obviously be less.

Do all brides choose custom options? 

Absolutely not, some brides love our designs as they are and they love how they look and feel there is no need to change them at all.

Why would I choose a custom dress?  

You are a true story of my dress bride, free-spirited, independent to trends, individual in your style, you have an idea of what suits you and you love fashion and dressing. You want to wear a dress no one else has, you love the fact our dresses are made to measure and made independently in our studio and not in a factory on the other side of the world. They are made with love just for you….. & you love to be different! 

I hope this helps, please always ask for more information we are happy to chat,

Love Cara xx

Here are some examples of our custom dresses from last year….

Kim wearing a custom Juno made in hammered silk with a custom lux, bigger sleeves. Photography by Beatrici.

Laura had a custom Skye, we changed the back to a low deep v and added an overskirt with embroidery. Photography by William Harley.

Charlotte had a sleeveless Rayne. Photography by Lincoln Pictures.

custom wedding dress

Verity had a fully custom separates designed and made for her with Verity's design input.

Photography by Sammy Taylor.

Millie had a custom Willa top, back altered so she could wear a bra and pearl buttons added to match the Rae skirt. Photography by Piccy Pic Photography.

pearl wedding dress

Liza had custom Rayne made in full pearl fabric and bigger sleeves. Photography by Taylor Hughes.

tiered wedding dress

Lucy had an etta skirt and coco top, chosen from our separates and put together as a dress. Photography by Jon Clements

Custom can come from embroidered veils or adding embroidery to the dresses.

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