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Our Top Underwear Choices for Seamless Backless Bridal

Backless has been an ongoing trend and is a popular design detail our brides love. Low V-backs, detailed lace backs or different shaped open backs are all still a great design detail in all current collections.

Backless dresses are absolutely for everyone now who wishes to wear them, thanks to more underwear products on the market.

Thankfully over the years more bra solutions have become available to help with brides who still wish or need to wear a bra.

Many of our brides use Perky Pears, a great product for the brides who might feel they need the support. They aren’t always the easiest to get to grips with so we suggest buying two packs, the first for trials and the second for the day: always have a back up and follow their strict instructions.

There are many stick on bras in the market, check ASOS, Amazon and net a porter for those. They literally look like the front of a bra but with sticky side panels. These are great for lift and any brides who like to add to their curves.

A lot of our dresses on the rail come with built in bra cups and we can add those in at alterations too. We can also re-design the back of all our own collection to be bra friendly.

Here are our top choices that we recommend to our brides :

1. Perky Pairs - Lift and Shape Tape A-G

2. Wonderbra - Ultimate Backless Bra 32A-38DD

3. Amazon - Perfection Secret Winged Bra A-E

4. Ender Legard - Lace Backless bodies 32B - 36DD

It's a detail we absolutely love, statement sleeves and open backs are our thing and we help all our brides to make that possible for them!


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