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Wedding Inspiration | Amandeep and Liam's Love Story: From Tea and Friendship to a Dream Wedding

Meet Amandeep and Liam Moloney, the delightful couple whose love story began in the most unexpected way. Their journey of love, friendship, and a proposal that took Amandeep by surprise will warm your heart and give you the best wedding inspiration.

A Fateful Meeting Amandeep and Liam's love story took root when Liam, a student at the time, moved into the same building as Amandeep. As fate would have it, their first encounter occurred on the stairway, where they struck up a conversation over cups of tea and a shared passion for food. The two quickly became fast friends, sharing laughter and life's moments along the way.

The Unexpected Proposal Love has a way of surprising us, and for Amandeep, it was on her birthday when Liam took her by surprise. What began as a thoughtful birthday card and a bouquet of flowers turned into an unexpected proposal, marking the next exciting chapter in their journey.

What Marriage Means to Us For Amandeep and Liam, marriage is a commitment to enjoy life's adventures together, embracing the highs and lows with unwavering kindness towards each other. Their love is a testament to the beauty of working together, no matter what life brings.

Finding the Dream Bridal Separates Amandeep's quest for the perfect wedding separates led her to the wonderful world of "SOMD." With an initial visit sparked by curiosity and a desire for inspiration, Amandeep was at the beginning of her decision-making stage. What followed was a creative journey, where our ideas were skilfully sketched and brought to life over the coming months. Amandeep's wedding dress would become a symbol of her unique love story and personality. Amandeep choose a custom bustier top to go underneath our new Mila top, a fitted lola skirt and a mini version for her evening look. Divine!

The Treasured Moment The most cherished memory from their wedding day was the sight of their beautiful friends and family, all dressed up to celebrate their love within the enchanting backdrop of their Irish wedding venue. The love and warmth in the air were palpable, a feeling that Amandeep wishes she could bottle to revisit whenever she pleases.

As Amandeep and Liam Moloney continue their journey together, their love story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the best moments in life are the ones we least expect. From a chance meeting on a stairway to a surprise proposal, theirs is a tale of love and laughter, bound by the enduring commitment to be kind to one another.

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Photographer - Francis Meaney

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